OpenLayers ArcGIS Cache Example (Autoconfigure with JSONP)

arcgis, arcgiscache, cache, tms, jsonp

Demonstrates the basic initialization of the ArcGIS Cache layer by using the server capabilities object.

This example demonstrates using the ArcGISCache layer for accessing ESRI's ArcGIS Server (AGS) Map Cache tiles normally through a live AGS MapServer. Toggle the visibility of the overlay to demonstrate how the two layers are lined up correctly.

Notes on this Layer

This method automatically configures the layer using the capabilities object generated by the server itself. This page shows how to construct the url for the server capabilities object, retrieve it using JSONP, and pass it in during construction. Note that in this case, the layer is constructed before the map. This approach greatly simplifies the configuration of your map, and works best when all your tiles / overlays are similarly laid out. If you are using a live AGS map server for your layer, it can be helpful to check your server configuration using this technique before trying one of the other examples for this layer.

Other Examples

This is one of three examples for this layer. You can also configure this layer to use prebuilt tiles in a file store (not a live server). As well a retrieve tiles from a live server.