OpenLayers Spherical Mercator Example

sperical, mercator, epsg, projection

Shows the use of layers in spherical or web mercator using different EPSG codes to indicate the same projection.

A number of mapping services support the spherical or web mercator but use different EPSG codes to identify it. ArcGIS server version 9.3 uses EPSG:102113 to represent the same SRS that OpenLayers typically refers to by EPSG:900913.

To configure a map with a WMS layer overlaid on a Google layer where the WMS uses EPSG:102113 to refer to the web mercator projection, the Google layer must be constructed with this projection code in its options (it is not sufficient to construct the map with this projection).

If your application needs to transform coordinates to and from EPSG:102113, you must add custom transforms as well.

See the web-mercator.js source for details.