WPS Builder Example

wps, process, advanced
Using WPS formats to interact with WPS

This example shows WPS in action by using the WPSCapabilities, WPSDescribeProcess and WPSExecute formats. See wps.js for the source code. Note: For applications using WPS, the high level approach shown in the wps-client example is recommended instead.

  1. Select a process from the list below the map. The list is populated with the result of a WPS GetCapabilities request, parsed using OpenLayers.Format.WPSCapabilities::read.
  2. Fill out the Input form. Hover over fields to get a description. Required fields are marked with a "*". To use a geometry from the map as input, select the geometry on the map (using the pen symbol on the left of the toolbar) and just click the field. The form is generated from the object returned by OpenLayers.Format.WPSDescribeProcess::read
  3. Click "Execute" and examine the result in the result text area. If the result can be parsed as features, it will be displayed on the map as well. The process data is sent to the server with the serialized XML from OpenLayers.Format.WPSExecute::write, which can use a modified OpenLayers.Format.WPSDescribeProcess result object as input.