Zoomify Layer Example

zoomify, layer

Demo of a layer with Zoomify tiles.

Demonstration of the Zoomify layer in OpenLayers.
You can have a look at Zoomify viewer for this picture, which is using the same tiles.

For change to our own image you have to specify 'url' (zoomifyImagePath in Zoomify terminology) and 'size' ('width' and 'height' from ImageProperty.xml file).
Custom tiles can be easily generated with original Zoomify software like with freely available ZoomifyerEZ or with Adobe PhotoShop CS3 (it has built in support for export into Zoomify tiles).
There is also a ZoomifyImage SourceForge Project, a tile cutter available under GPL license.
Zoomify tiles can be also served dynamically on the server side from JPEG2000 masters using J2KTileRender with available integration for DSpace and soon for Fedora Digital Repository.
IIPImage server can serve Zoomify tiles dynamically from TIFF files.

Development of the Zoomify support for OpenLayers was supported from the grant Old Maps Online.